Exhibiting at the Firma

ExposerenThe Firma Van Drie aims to produce high quality exhibitions with a lot of room for experimental art. Exhibiting at the premises Achter de Kerk 13 in Gouda is only at the invitation of the exhibition committee. The committee invites not only artists but also those putting together exhibitions to show the work of others. The committee is always receptive to suggestions.


Should you have any ideas about exhibitions, shows or performances, please contact the exhibition committee.


The exhibitor and the exhibition committee will sign a contract when they have come to an agreement.


Exhibitions of the Firma Van Drie are accompanied by corresponding activities on Friday night. The exhibitor should provide this programme, in close consultation with the exhibition committee.


Exhibitions always end on Sunday. On Mondays exhibits are pulled down and set up.

Dimensions of the premises

The size of the floor area of the Firma Van Drie premises that can be used for exhibitions is about 33 m2. The scale drawing (PDF format) shows the dimensions of the walls.

Online exhibitions

Artists-members of the Firma Van Drie can draw extra attention to their work in a one-month online exhibition 'In the spotlights'. It is also possible to organize online group exhibitions or theme exhibitions for € 25. Sales exhibitions, where 20 percent of the revenues go to the Firma Van Drie, are given priority. An online exhibition will comprise no more than 25 works of art. The exhibits must be delivered by the exhibitor in a ready-for-use state. If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to the exhibition committee.

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